Preschool Program

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    There is a lot of baby babbling going on with your 12 month old. To foster their language development, we are doing an array of provocative activities to stimulate their language development, word usage, pronunciation through correct phonemic usage, and helping them to make connections with what they are hearing and what they are seeing and doing. With the correct form and ability to make connections, your baby is well underway to articulating their wants and needs and figuring out that words have meanings!
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    Concentration is the game at this stage! Toddlers are growing more and more confident in their newly discovered abilities and thus becoming more explorative with each passing day. Their attention span is beginning to increase and they are showing more ability to concentrate on the details of what you are saying and what you are doing so they may try the task themselves. Toddlers are now exploring dexterity, positional concepts, and gross-motor development is far outweighing fine-motor development. At BIA, we are targeting each area of development through activities designated to foster parallel development and at your child’s pace and level of interest. We are helping them improve their memory function as well as their level to comprehend ideas through the usage of our thinking routines.
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    During your child’s second year, they are developing a keen sense of imagination. We are prepared to foster their inquisition into the imaginative world through not only dramatic play and creation and expressivity through the arts, but we are also implementing our thinking routines to help them develop their sense of abstract comprehension and development. By targeting this area of cognitive development through their particular interests, they are more susceptible to making the synaptic connections faster and stronger so they may explore other areas of development as well.
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    With their increasing sense of independence, we use special techniques during each activity to help them teach and learn from other students, develop a positive self-image and self-esteem, and maintain a good amount of confidence as their journey through the toddler years begins to transition into a more autonomous three year old.
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    Three year olds are very inquisitive. At BIA, we have developed an inquisitive culture for little thinkers to grow with their questions, unique interests, and develop valuable problem-solving skills that give rise to a life-long passion for learning through exploration and discovery. We are using various thinking routines to not only ask them questions, but to teach them how to ask us questions. The reversal of the traditional role as teacher and student is a powerful technique that sets a solid foundation for daily knowledge acquisition. Three year olds are also much more confident in their motor skills and development. Our playground is designed to let them climb rock walls, explore yoga, ride their tricycles while gaining an understanding of the road rules, and reach cognitive milestones as they practice going up and down the steps and alternating their feet.
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    Four year olds are making more one-to-one correspondence. They are able to verbally express their feelings and understand the concept of cause and effect. From here, we are using our thinking routines to help them understand concepts such as inferential reading, helping them develop a sense of foresight and hindsight, and re-tell a story using the language of literature. We are embracing their creativity as they extrapolate from ideas gained from hearing a story and build up a vocabulary that is increasing daily in both Spanish and English. Our daily schedules at BIA are designed to help the growing four year old understand very powerful concepts of time, sequence, and making predictions. We value their need for routines and we help them plan for not only the anticipated, but the unexpected.
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    Now that your five year old can carry on a conversation in more depth than before, we are using these moments as valuable learning opportunities. Our thinking routines are designed to allow for their input, to help them understand their thought process and the logic they used to come up with an idea, answer, or hypothesis. We are using scientific method when exploring both natural and the unexplained phenomena as they gain more awareness of their world and the world around us. Even if we cannot explain exactly how the Earth was created, we can teach them to apply real scientific methodologies when going out into the environment to collect data and hypothesize when interpreting information into Venn diagrams, number graphs, and webs. Through making their thinking visible, we are offering them a tangible way to solve not just the problems we expose them to, but the problems they will encounter when long gone from our academy.

Brickell International Academy is a 21st century preschool for children 3 months to 5 years of age. As well as a VPK and an Afterschool Program.

School hours are from: 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. We are open all year round. 


  • We have different schedules so you can choose based in your family needs. LEARN MORE
  • Parental Guidance and The Family First Programs. LEARN MORE
  • Baby Sitting program which include 3 hours 3 times per month (2 Fridays and 1 Saturday) with not cost for BIA’s Families. LEARN MORE
  • Developmental skills and the Visible Thinking Approach from Harvard University is integrated into our program.
  • Our Thinking Based Educational program created for the 21st century integrates the best teaching philosophies and practices from around the world to promote intellectual, social, and moral autonomy in every child at every stage of life. 
  • The success of our program has expanded internationally. Currently, multiple schools from around the world come to visit us and get trained and certified by Edu1st.

Areas of Development:

  • Edu1st-Language

    Brickell International Preschool provides to the children opportunities to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings incorporating language and literacy development activities in their weekly plan. We respect the oral and written expression of children. They are able to observe adults writing and to experience writing themselves, in a setting that reflects the importance of language, through signs, symbols, images, books and meaningful printed material.

    We model and promote the use of the language of thinking during the daily routines. Children also share and enjoy music, songs, art and stories for language development.
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    Mathematical concepts are taught through engaging and fun activities and through the use of concept maps, data charts and graphs solving mathematical problems that ocurr in their daily lives. In our school we plan activities that are challenging, enjoyable and imaginative such as stories, songs, games and role play.

    In this area the children develop different skills such as: counting, sorting, seeking patterns, making connections, matching, recognizing relationships, working with numbers, shapes, space and measurement.


  • Edu1st-SoccerClass

    Is the foundation stage about improving skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement, in order to gain confidence in what they can do and allows them to feel the benefits of being healthy and active.

    Our school plans activities that offer appropriate physical challenges. They have enough time and sufficient indoors and outdoors space for physical development activities.


  • Edu1stPreschools-Social


    In the school the teachers and staff members establish constructive relationships with children and with parents. They also find opportunities to give positive encouragement to children acting as positive role models. The school gives opportunities to develop autonomy and disposition to learn, working along in small and large groups.

    We make sure there is time and space for our children to focus on different experiences and develop their own interest. The school offers opportunities for play, learn and be tolerant with different religion’s beliefs and cultures. We model and encourage values and positive behaviors.


  • Edu1st-World

    In this area children develop important knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of the world, in order to set up the foundation for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography and information and communication technology. 

    We give our children the best opportunities and the latest technology tools such as: smart boards, computers, internet access, educational videogames, digital cameras and digital microscopes to facilitate the world's understanding.

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